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About Mr Shed and Kev's Koops & Kennels

After spending many years assembling other peoples shed kitsets I realized that there was a market for a sturdy, yet affordable timber garden shed.

Using this experience I have designed a range of strong timber sheds using only treated timber with a coloursteel roof to compete with the others on the market. While our shed prices may be similar to the standard offerings of the others, our standard product is much stronger and includes a heavy duty floor and framing, with 150x50 joists for the shed floors compared to the 75x50 used by most others. Our flooring is 25mm thick compared to 19mm used by other brands and our wall framing is 75x50 compared to the 50x50 used by other brands. Stronger products for similar or less than the others on the market. Our aim is to produce for you good quality products at a fair price!

To compliment our range of sheds we have also designed a range of kennels and chicken coops.

If you have any questions about us and our products please contact us by either email or phone.






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